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Guitar Build , Audio related

Soooooo ,Im going to try and build a hardtail jazzmaster styled fender . The neck is in . The hardware will be gold , I despise gold hardware but with the color scheme I have in mind it should look nice . Im trying to source parts that will keep the build under 200 bucks if possible. Thus far most of the parts have been sourced from amazon , build quality of parts has yet to be determined .... Heavy lacquered neck  :# but I dig the tint


  • Im hoping this sucker doesnt curl on me when it done drying , fingers crossed....
  • Debating on "fender custom shop" decal , had it on for a couple hours now and not sure what to think of it? 
  • Tuners came in .. twisted the head off of one of the chinese tin foil set screws , will need to get that out. Heres a couple more pictures. Top three holes were drilled off center of the bottom three. "great lay" chinese neck , sigh. 
  • Phew , sweated that one a bit ,but got it out 
  • Shit , talked with the builder of the guitar body and he builds to fender spec. This neck might be off to the burn pile . The current neck here, measures 25" , and Im in need of a 25.5" fender spec neck , which the seller of this one advertised it as. Back to the drawing board. 
  • Ah man that sucks!
  • All on me , I shouldve measured before I started bolting things on . You know what they say when you "assume" . At least it was caught in the early stages of the build. 
  • Man , this ash is HEEEAAAVY. Picked up the body after work tonight. It will definitely need a few rough edges filled. Next step will be prepping it. Thoughts were to dampen the body to raise the grain , let dry and then go over the whole thing with sandpaper and filler. Any advise is appreciated. 
  • I took the machining edge off with 80 grit , I'll whipe it down next with water and let it sit over night and sand again tomorrow night with 120 and hit it again with a damp cloth
  • Why a damp cloth?  Doesn't that just raise the grain?
  • PWRRYD said:
    Why a damp cloth?  Doesn't that just raise the grain?
    It does raise the grain so you can how much work is needed to sand it off/grain fill. Its an important step and good indication that your ready for your finish. If you dont the grain will raise the most on the initial time you put yourfinish on it. 
  • I wonder if I shouldn't have went with poplar instead of the ash. This is after sanding lastnight with 80 ,then wet and allowed to dry over night. Hit it this morning with 120 then wet again. You can see the end grain.Ill keep working my way up with the same process to 220 before I fill it. 
  • Have any of you made a "slurry" to make a filler?

  • No Mudd , please no mud. Thoughts on filling? 
  • As it sits , after sanding, the porous grain has an indent as the grain travels through the body. Grain fill and see what happens? I would like a flat finish , nothing that waves at you as you go by

  • I wouldn't make a good body shop guy . I have an honest 10 hours into just the body. I see more sanding in my future.
  • Is that glue or another filler? 
  • Thinned out with some water
  • Are you going to Duratex the guitar?
  • Yikes! Prolly should have just went with maple.
  • Poplar and Ash were my only option for this guitar body . 
  • Craig , think duratex is the way to go?
  • Shellac maybe? Duratex i think ill be rough on the hands. 
  • Why did you use spacking? To fill pores?

    I use a water based pore filler with transtint dyes. Dark color works very well...
  • Ani , no need for tint . It will get a coat of paint. I just wanted a flat as possible top , back and sides. 
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