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Dayton RS52FN...


  • Yes, those look great. Might have to pick up a pair myself.
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  • Very interesting!  No breakup like the aluminum version.

    I really liked the fabric dome Wolf used in his Attitudes and the Morel I used in my Gormachos.
  • The motor is excellent on the -AN, I bet sans the aluminum dome material this should be a killer performer.
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  • Oooo I like it! Still has the giant face plate but that’s ok I guess. The response looks nice, especially without the giant resonance spike the aluminum one has.
  • That is interesting indeed...
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  • Crap - more cool drivers being released right as I'm trying to keep to a "only use what's on your shelf" rule. 

    Must resist.....
  • Picked up a pair of these as my door prize in Indy.   Ordered a pair of the new fabric Dayton Audio RST28F-4 1-1/8" Fabric Dome Tweeters to go with them.  Have not decided on a woofer yet.

  • I'm using a DSA 8" with those exact drivers, Bill :-)
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