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Taured MTM


  • So I have been pretty quiet for awhile. 2018 was a tough year for my family with many highs and lows. We are on the other side though and finding a new normal.

    I have a new shop. Those that have been to my old house know what I was working in. Lets say that things have definitely improved LOL.

    RAD contacted me in the midst of all my chaos with an offer to design an MTM using the Rival Kevlar R176KB-08 woofers and a tweeter of my choice. Even with knowing that I did not know exactly when I could commit to the project, they stuck with me with the patience of a saint. I chose the excellent SB Acoustics SB26STAC tweeter as I have a pr on hand and absolutely love it. Its just a great piece. 

    The cabinet design is very simple and straight forward. I wanted this to be easy for a beginner to do with basic tools. My version will be a little more involved of course as I am using a Corian baffle.
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  • More progress today. Originally the Corian was to run the full height of the baffles. Unfortunately, one piece had a large chunk taken out of the edge. On to plan B!
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    Always gotta have a plan B!  Nice work.

  • Driver cutouts are finished. Nice n tight. Almost too tight! Corian holds incredibly well. The chips go everywhere though, even with dust collection. As added precaution, I am going to add countersunk bolts. 
  • I <heart> MTMs, and the Rival 176s are super drivers. Hey, at least the Corian won't swell and crack.
  • Nice work Chuck!  Was the Corian pricey?
  • I was very fortunate that a local cabinet maker was retiring and wanted a bunch of off cuts out of his shop. We probably have close to 1k in material in good condition and sizes. A few pieces that are around 5ft long.

  • Chamfer applied, holes drilled. Still need to ease the back side of the woofer cut outs. First dats test shows fb at 36 and I simmed 37 :)
  • How heavy is the  Corian compared to the MDF?
  • Gowa said:
    How heavy is the  Corian compared to the MDF?
    More than double. A sheet of 3/4 MDF is about 96lbs. Corian, at 1/2", is about 134
  • Man, I never realized how heavy a sheet of MDF was  :open_mouth:
  • Looks good,  B) Guessing the rest will be black paint?
  • 6thplanet said:
    Looks good,  B) Guessing the rest will be black paint?
    I am undecided at this point. i might veneer and go with an ebony stain 
  • Looks great! Stupid Flanders and his sexy Corian. :)
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  • Initial Xover measurements. Not too shabby me thinks. And only 1 resistor! 3rd order electrical on both
  • Heck, Chuck.
    Did that new shop come with a straightedge? :)
    Nice on both counts!
    May I reco you veneer it, something with a straight grain and ray flecks, in black. Quarter sawn Sycamore would be cool imo.
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  • Nice idea Bob! I have an 8' piece of sycamore and sassafras on the way. I can have it resawn locally to 1/4". 
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