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edited May 2020 in DIY
Anybody heard this in the bottom of a three way speaker?  (I think I seen it paired with a Vifa NE series mid-range driver and a neo XT25 tweeter.)  If so what are your thoughts?


  • Not sure about using it in a three way, but I used it in a two way experimental project (not my design) with a VIFA BC25 tweeter in a  large ported cabinet.  The bass was OK, but the overall sound was not quite there, I suspect due to my alleged efforts at crossover design.

    It's also been used in the follwing project - also a two way - but it was matched with a full range VIFA TC7 and crossed at about 1000 Hz, so I guess you could regard it as a 'sort of  3 way' as people with good hearing might wish to add a tweeter.  I haven't heard this, of course.

    I thought this woofer was good value and although it looks the same as the Peerless 830657, it has much more Xmax.  I used both of them in my test cabinet and thought they sounded very similar.



  • Thanks for the info.
  • I use them a lot. Great driver for the price and performance 2-way and 3-way I’ve even used them as a mid bass in a 4-way at my first IowaDIY.
  • Any pictures of the rear mounting details?
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Nice looking projects Hifiside.  You knock out the speaker for sure.
    Thanks for the input.
  • They're a great budget woofer, and easy to work with. I've only used them in a two way however.

  • Vented they seem to want a pretty big volume for a 6.5".  I have always reallt liked how the Peerless/Tymphany paper and nomex driver sound.  Smooth mids with just enough detail.
  • Are these punching out of their class?  Could they be a good mate for the wavecor 30 that was on sale?
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