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Making offer on house tomorrow.

We have looked long and hard, and since we are empty nesters now our needs are somewhat different. After much looking and disappointment, we found it. 

It is a 3bed/3bath with 24'x24' attached and heated garage. The driveway is three cars wide, and all of the concrete work to add the third garage stall is already done.  

It is not a split level, which we like and finished sq.ft. is around 2100.

Open floor plan up top, with a large living room area perfectly amenable to a tv/speakers. Rare these days from what we have seen.

Downstairs is a third bedroom and bath - plus the mother lode. The family room is 18' x at least 30'. Part of it is tiled, and roughed in for a wet bar. This house could easily be converted to a 4 legal/+1 not legal bedroom if we were to sacrifice the glorious family room. 

Great neighborhood, walking distance to a bar and a gas station. A Fareway is opening up just down the road this summer. 

It was built in 2011 and is in perfect condition. Nice fully privacy fenced backyard with a shed, minimal landscaping so mowing is easy. 






Bonus: hardly any white walls anywhere. All tile is real tile, all wood is real wood. Whoever finished this house out really hurt themselves on the resell side of things by not adding additional bedrooms - but since the result is the beautiful family room in the last picture, the wife and I are getting pretty much exactly what we want out of a house.

We are very excited! 
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  • Pretty sweet JR! All your drivers could have a room of their own. Good luck tomorrow.
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    Oh man, that living room is "to die for" for a DIY speaker guy. It's always been my feeling that speakers sound best when they have some room to "breath". You really lucked out! almost all new homes have funny shaped, small living rooms. The original owners had some class! 
     Sorry, have to break the enchanted spell. Are you actually going to park any cars in the garage (necessary in your region), or are you going to have a killer shop?
    Oh, and the "Walk home from the bar" spells trouble with a capital "T". I see an electric scooter (no license needed) in your future.
    JK. Of course we would all like a nice neighborhood bar. You know "where everybody knows your name"
    Congrats. I know you folks looked at a lot of places.
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  • Hope you get it, party at JRs...
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Pretty nice looking home, good luck!
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  • I'll turn the eventual third stall into a shop. I'll park outside, have since my teens. 
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  • Lots of kitchen storage, big theatre room, big garage = win in my books! Oh and the price can't be beat either ;)
  • We are stupid excited and stressed out.
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  • Wait a sec - 3bedrooms/3 baths for a just a couple? Party at JR's!!
    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Hope all goes well. Great looking house that should be pretty easy to love.
  • Awesome find, JR! Hope all goes well.
  • Sweet layout - fully supports your crazy I hop you land it!!
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  • Good luck on a sweet house! know there's a certain someone around here that does an excellent job on home loans...just saying.... I used his powers last year, thanks Bryan !
  • That’s a gorgeous house!
  • Offer not accepted. Oh well. 
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  • damn damn damn damn. Something even better will come, my friend. You are good people.
    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Hope the search goes well. Wife and I shopped the marked pretty hard for over a year...
  • Don't lose heart JR.  I made a couple offers and was pretty upset when someone out offered me.  After many many months of looking I finally found a better house than all of those that I had lost, and it is the house I'm still in after 20+ years.  You will find something you and Amanda love just as much, maybe more.
  • Commiserations, it's rough when that happens.  We were really keen on a place, inspected it, but didn't even get to make an offer: the day after we inspected it, it was sold and the agent didn't even give us the chance to put in a bid!

    You will find another place, really.


  • There's no shortage of housing. Prices will drop me thinks too.
    While the place looked nice, there will be something better or just as good.
  • I've been there, its tough.  
    But the end result is that there are a lot of houses, but you'll find and make a house your home!
  • 6thplanet said:
    Good luck on a sweet house! know there's a certain someone around here that does an excellent job on home loans...just saying.... I used his powers last year, thanks Bryan !
    Thanks bud. Sorry I didn’t see this right away. I apologize for not being more active here. I’m putting 100% into this new lending career. I‘m happy to say you’re not the only DIY dude I’ve helped. 

    JR you know I’m not hijacking. You’re gonna get that dream house soon. I will toast you at the next DIY and it’s gonna be really soon. 

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    :(  I looked at 58 houses in 3 weeks till we found ours.  It'll happen....
  • Looks great JR.  I hope you get this one.
  • Oh, it's on. DDIY house warming will happen.

    DDIY will move to the AARP conference room in all likelihood, by the way. Nice venue. 
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  • Awesome!!!!   Count me in for sure!
  • Sweet!!! Wish I lived closer to share a glass and a toast
  • There's a whole house attached to that shop! ;)
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  • We are happy
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