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Small high end 2-way

Does anyone have a design for the aforementioned?  Have another BT  radio planned and needs to be small,  like choti/helium small.  I've been loving the sb 65 but was thinking 2way for this one.



  • Dont know if I would call it high end but looks are there, a build using the cf120 might be perfect by basic specs on PE's site.....
  • Going that small makes high end difficult. Perhaps a full range driver might be a better option?
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  • I was considering it but it's a category quite ignorant in.....
  • CF120 is not my favorite.  I think Seth used a 4 inch Eton I liked quite well at Indy several years back.  Wolf might remember more than me.  Then there is the SB Micro and Bromo kits. We heard the Bromo kit last year at Indy and it was OK. Bunch of small designs here

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Will definitely check it out John, thanks!

    Looking through real quick at madi, this guy is on sale, 


  • If you mean the Eton/DXT, then Todd England made and shipped those in called Corellias.
  • SB12CAC25-04 for the win!
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    Looking into it wolf!
    Any leads on using that, PWRRYD?  I also have a Wavecor WF120BD01 I can use, just haven't seen any designs with it....
  • So may not be incredibly high end, but I stumbled on a guy that paired a SBA SB26STCN with the WF120BD01, seem like that has potential for a nice sounding BT radio?

    And this has me itching to finally learn designing my own.  I started to a while ago, right around when my daughter was born and that proved to be a bad time.  
  • Well, I simmed the BD01 and it bests just about anything else I can find for low end in about .1cubes ported.  Think I may roll with it since I own it and it looks nice.  I'd like a little bit smaller frame on the tweeter if I can but if not I THINK I can fit the sb26.....
  • Is that the glass-fiber 4.5" Wavecor?

  • 4.75" nomex. 4ohm.
  • Oucharama kind of breakup there! The GF I have isn't as forthright. The GF works well in about 4 ltrs, vented.
  • Thanks Wolf, unfortunately the space I have is what I have and can't be changed.  Any way to deal with that without having to get crazy or just make a compromise?  This will be a BT radio with both channels in a 10"x6"x6" package so not TOO critical but if it will be glaring I'll have to make adjustments with xover work unless it approaches the cost of a better driver.
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    TB 25-1166
    CSS LD22
    Any of these predictably help the situation?  
  • Realistically Joey, you are going to be very constrained for space on that baffle. Probably have to choose a smallish tweeter to get it to fit with the Wavecor 120. Looks like the 120 is usable up to 3K,  and maybe higher. Lots of tweeters can handle that. And about that breakup - 3rd order LP should kill it, if not, you may have to use a trap, which really isn't that hard. Do you have measuring equipment? 
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  • Ok, so I can fix the breakup, that's all I needed to know, and allows me to go with almost any tweeter then.  All of the ones I listed are under a 3" diameter and have some room for modification which isn't a problem.  

    I don't but I think I'm going to buy some in a couple weeks.  I'm really tired of asking everyone for help that I can probably learn for the most part.
  • Just stumbled on the 27TFFNC tweeter!  Looks like a nice option..
  • Rory's Neutrinos are a damn nice smaller 2-way. 
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  • Yes- Neutrinos are one of the better ones out there.
  • I love the 1720 but wouldn't be able to fit the tweeter.  😔  

    Are the neutrinos a more solid design than the speedster?  Just for my own knowledge....
  • IMO, yes- they are more refined than the Speedster, not that the Speedsters are bad by any stretch.
  • I tried to choose my phrasing carefully🤣
  • I would also give the Neutrinos the nod over the Speedsters.
  • I can't the the first hot version of the Neutrinos out of my head.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • So I pulled the drivers finally because I am going to start the carcass for the BT radio, come to find out they are BD02s, not BD01s...  so that may change things.... also, will definitely need to go with a small format tweeter...
  • Well, not many options at the OD of 1.75" tweeter, so may have to beat the nd16 and the BD02 till they play nice.  Time to learn this crossover business.
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    Wavecor TW013WA01 should fit, and may be a bit higher end match to that midbass. Crossover may be difficult regardless as both the little wavecor and the ND16 will be limited on low frequency extension.
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  • The tiny morel could cross low and is pretty high-end... CAT408 I think?
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