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back to making sawdust...

edited January 6 in DIY

While we are still unpacking boxes from our move, and waiting for deliveries (some items are still months out) I got my garage shop set-up enough to start making sawdust.

I had a rather short entertainment center (black shelves in picture) which I extended via a waterfall cab design (took off the short legs it originally had), using some plywood and leftover house building materials (our appliance cabinet is covered in the same barn wood). I added a shelf above the original unit and made it deeper in the back to hide the equipment wires (not yet in place). Now if I can just get the a/v electrician out to finish up the wall plate and wiring…

Next up it’s time to make some new boxes; a three-way with Beyma 5cx200Nd coaxials (which many of you have provided input with a crossover -thanks) and the MCM 8’s (55-5670) suggested by Don.

Yes, it does seem to snow a bit more in Colorado than in the burbs of Chicago!



  • Good luck with the entertainment center setup. Looks really nice. That is quite a bit of snow on that roof; we have had only a few inches so far in SE Wisconsin.

  • Damn dude, that's some fine work! Funny, I miss snow like that, but after a couple of days in it, I'm done!

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • 115 inches average here in Clark, CO

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