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Insomnia has its advantages...

So earlier this week I noticed PE released a mid that is essentially a re-badged version of the Goldwood "heavy duty" 8 ohm midrange.
I noticed it has a pretty linear response, and as luck would have it the little Peerless waveguide tweeter is on sale. I added a pair of the 8" GRS subs and have the components for what might be a pretty nice little 3-way.

Years and years ago I built an all GRS TM/W as a rehearsal monitor for the band and I've been itching to do another ever since. The first version used the 8" poly, the sealed back mid, and that little Audax clone tweeter. It was ok. Worked perfect for playback when I would record or when surfing Youtube for new songs to cover.

So since I have insomnia, I drew this up (I didn't do the roundovers on the Isometric portion because quite frankly it ain't quick or easy and I'm damned tired right now):

Did a quick model with 0.5 ohms added series resistance and changed Qa to 20 to reflect some stuffing which it will need.

Q is a little high at 1.2, but screw it - I've heard higher Q speakers sound, well - fun. These should have a kick in the pants with that ~80hz ripple.

Don't know when I will start, but it won't be this weekend. Gotta finish up that damn truck. If my parts get here. Which they have not yet. Oh well. Sawdust it is. Gotta machine baffles for my 4" roundup, gotta knock together cabinets for the 4" SB/GRS ribbon project, and now these. Gonna be a messy garage for a few days.

I'm going to try and grab another couple hours of sleep.

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  • link to the mid driver ? Thx

  • I designed a system for a friend that has a sealed 10" woofer with a Qtc around 1.4 and an Fsc of 72 Hz. (3.5 db peak at 82 Hz) and they have great sounding bass, very full and rich. I think your design will be just fine.

  • Cool project with only about $100 in drivers👍

  • I'm going with a vertical alignment.

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  • Old school with tweeter and mnidrange offset. It goes against my belief system but one must not get too comfortable within said belief system, so there.

    Also will expedite crossover design on primary axis. I suspect the midrange will need all the help it can get. Tweeter will be as easy as pie due to the wageguide loading, and the offset baffle location. Woofer should be easy as well due to it being a poly cone. Have to ZOBEL...BEL...BEL...bel...bel.. the damn thing I am sure.

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  • Cabinets cut and glued up today. Big day of routing tomorrow. Four pairs worth. Yay.

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