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Concentric driver

At DDIY this year, Brad brought a pair of speakers using a 4" concentric T/M module. I briefly discussed the possibility of a group buy - who is interested?
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  • I'd like to see some more details, so yea half way interested
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I plan on buying a pair for testing, when that process is done I will proceed. 
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  • I'm interested, but after testing.
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  • Interested....
  • Any further details on it?
  • Worked well in that design. I could live with it.
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  • Please forgive my ignorance but is Concentric  like coaxial? Like woofer and tweeter in one driver?
  • Ill get a pair here and run them through their paces. Will be about $60 fob for one pair - price will scale down considerably with larger orders - I only bring it up because it ain't cheap doing R&D. 
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  • Did I hear right , that these also came in different sizes?
  • They come in did sizes and it is concentric or coaxial, tweeter inside the mid. Thanks JR....
  • What are they?
  • I have not looked, but Brad was saying they come in all sizes from 3" all the way to 15".
  • I know pics don't give many details but it's the driver on top. The bottom is the TB 5" sub driver. 
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  • I'll start with the 4" model. 
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  • What are they?
    I believe Chinese copies of Tannoy.
  • I'm interested
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  • Face said:
    What are they?
    I believe Chinese copies of Tannoy.
    I could use a pair .
  • The 3" model is less than half the price of the 4", and the 5" model is less than $2 more. The 4" seems to be priced somewhat idiotically at this time. 

    So, any interest in spending a few dollars more and seeing what the 5" can do, or spending a lot less and see what a 3" can do? The way these are charged shipping is weird - it is reasonable for one 5", for example, at $16 shipping plus $27 for the driver, but a pair of them jumps to $50 for shipping so a pair of the 5" will be over $100 to my door. 

    The 3" has the weird shipping jump after 4 pieces - 4 pieces is $65 to my door, 5 pieces is almost $100.

    So for one pair to my door the following applies:

    3" is $35
    4" is $72
    5" is $106

    I'll be willing to eat the first pair for testing purposes, but the cost does not scale down as I thought it would, at least not via there online vendor of choice. I am trying to contact the factory direct to see if they will ship a quantity at a price, but my experience has been that they tend to want to send me two samples and then hit me with a MOQ of 1000 pieces - and as attractive as it sounds to go full time into the driver selling business, I do not have the capital or the time to do so at this point in my life. 

    So let me know what size you guys are most interested in and I will go from there. 
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    I could go for a pair of 5"

  • I agree with Roman, 5" sounds good.
    = Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."
  • I am good for any size, really depends on what the tweeter and the mid can do. If the tweeter can meet the 5" then it is preferred for what I suppose could be better power handling and decent xmax and sensitivity, which would be lacking in smaller ones. So
  • It will be a month before I can spend $100 doing R&D, by the way. 
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  • Do you want to test my pair JR?
  • My first choice would be a 4" and my second would be the 5"
  • Where that tweeter can cross may be the best way to detirmine the sweet-spot for the woofer size. 
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume anything bigger then a 5" would be a bit wonky.

  • i have a weird love affair with coax and concentric drivers, that being said I haven't spent more than $12 on anything frivolous in months :(
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  • I'm in for a pair. Either 4" or 5" is fine.
  • 5" for me.
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