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New Peerless 8" 2 way project

I decided to start this thread to document my latest design/build project.  This is a one cubic foot, 8 inch two way design, using the Peerless Nomex 830-869 eight inch midbass driver, paired with the Peerless DA32TX00-08 Corundum tweeter.  I've never worked with any Peerless Nomex drivers before but I have really liked the ones I've heard in other people's designs.  I have the well braced 3/4" MDF enclosures done.  I haven't decided on what species veneer to cover them with yet.  Maybe some really nice oak veneer Jim Holtz sold me last fall.  I just picked up a beautiful Red Grandis hardwood board at lunch today which I will transform into their baffles.  They will be removable baffles of course, mounted with hidden hanger bolts for a super clean look.  I will take and post pictures and measurement graphs along the way.  No waveguides or fancy faceted baffles on this project.  Hopefully that big 1-1/4" dome tweeter with a low Fs will play low and clean enough to minimize the typical issues with an eight inch 2 way.


  • Should be a great project, that peerless looks like a really nice woofer. 

    Pics!  ;)
  • I think these are a really nice combo Craig. The oak and red will be stunning!
  • I knew that oak veneer was going to a good home! :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing the finished project.
  • Leon, that's a 7" woofer. If only the 830884 was still around...
  • Ripped and cross cut to size:

  • Love it!  I've been mulling over a project with those 830869s, this looks promising.
  • I picked up a pair when they were the DOTD for $50 each.
  • edited May 2019
    I've got six of em.....towers with three each?  :#

    Will these be sealed or ported?  I use one of my 830869's for sub duty in the shed and it does quite well for bass, i think in .75 cubes or so.....
  • Ported:

  • Pardon ignorance, what is step response?
  • It represents time coherence, the system's response to an instantaneous pulse.
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • Slot port?
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • 2.5" diameter schedule 40
  • Wolf said:
    Leon, that's a 7" woofer. If only the 830884 was still around...
    They have the 3308 8'' on for $43.08 CAD. That's a pretty sick price for a driver like that.
  • That's the woofer Craig is using.
  • PWRRYD said:
    2.5" diameter schedule 40
    Huh, is that conduit? Kind of an usual size in PVC I don't see much of here.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Lowes and Menards carry it in their electrical department.  It's gray electrical conduit, not white like the drain pipe.
  • HD has it too. I used the elec-gray 2.5" on a lot of builds, but I did buy 10' initially.
  • Hey guys, I'm in the process of veneering these boxes.  I'm using some really nice oak veneer, thanks Jim!  I am using my trusty 1" chisel, sharpened fine enough to shave the hair off your arm, to flush trim the veneer.  I don't know why but there has been some minor tear outs.  In your guys opinion is it more visually appealing to leave a bit of tear out, or fill those small voids with wood filler that doesn't take the stain/finish the same?
  • I often fill small blemishes with clear epoxy. Once the surface is flat the eye will glance over the faults.
    If its only a small tear out splicing in a small sliver of veneer might also be a good repair.
      Ive done repairs smaller than the width of a toothpick that were very hard to spot when the work was done.
  • My preference is to stain and finish then do repairs. If staining stain plus saw dust is a good filler.  However, oak is a bit tricky because if you fill the pores you need to fill all the pores across the surface or it becomes more noticeable.  Clear filler is also an option.  

    For the splintery Wenge on my Limus project, I used a router, veneer saw, low angle block plane, and a card scraper.  I still have a few tear outs.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I must say though- the Limus looked really nice! I couldn't see the blemishes. They sounded really good too!
  • Thanks Ben, that's a good take away, only Craig will see the flaws.   :/
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Looks like a great project.  I like seeing more 8" 2-ways, that is one of the classic formats for good reason.
  • edited May 2019
    I completed veneering the boxes last night.  In my opinion they turned out very nice.  Probably a 9 - 9.5 out of 10.  I can't wait to see how they look with a finish on them!  Next up is to mount the hardwood baffles so that I can flush trim them and also apply a 3/4" round over.  Then final sanding and applying the finish.

    Normally I just slap everything together unfinished to measure, design the crossovers, and do final voicing.  Unfortunately more times than not I end up taking projects to DIY events still unfinished   :#
  • Big sigh of relief...  I just finished flush trimming and routering 3/4" round overs on the hard wood baffles with no issues!   Pictures soon.
  • I purchased these hanger bolts in bare steel from Fastenal for $0.20 each.  I had my night guy nickel-phosphate them:

  • Installed into the back side of the baffles:

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