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Magical liquid + magic powder / Chemical reaction of CA glue and saw dust


  • That appears to be about 500% better than my old white glue/sawdust paste routine. Certainly faster.

  • Be cautious. The CA glue soaks into the wood and seals it. This will affect the look of the final product. For this reason I will often used the thicker CA glues, it still soaks in just not as much. I also use 5min epoxy to make filler. The epoxy can fill some LARGE voids, and stays stable.

  • That's crazy...........glue.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • I’ve done crude patches with sawdust and wood glue and it’s pretty solid. I’d never rely on the same for a corner or edge repair. I wonder how solid that is. God knows I’ve fucked up many edges, corners, etc.

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  • @dcibel said:
    That's crazy...........glue.

    I see what you did there

  • I tried this method over the weekend with medium CA glue. Didn't work any better or even as well as my white glue method. I'll try it again next time I get some thin CA which i don't normally purchase.

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