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New 3 way project with PLA200-6 planar

As mentioned in the other thread, I have started a new 3 way project.  The Vifa NE225W-4 woofers will be in separate bass bins.  The PLA200-6 planar drivers and RT1.3WE tweeter will sit on top.  The top enclosure will employ 2 special features.  Firstly they will have 2.5" radius round overs on their vertical sides.  I obtained some 5" diameter card board tubes that I cut in half and will glue to the sides of the enclosures (like I did in my "Trials" project).  Secondly the enclosure panels will be very well damped.  I will adhere pieces of ceramic floor tile to internal panels where appropriate.  I will also fill the cavities formed by the card board tube halves with dried play sand or kitty litter.

I use a product called Sika Pro Select to adhere the tile pieces.  It's actually called a construction sealant.  It is water based so no smell and clean up is soap/water.  When it's cured it is still very pliable.  Here are some pictures of the rear panel.  I didn't cover the entire panel because I needed a spot at the bottom for the Speakon connector.  I applied the Sika to both the MDF and to the backside of the ceramic tile.  There is about 1/8 inch layer of Sika.



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