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G35 Audio Upgrade

 I bought this car a couple years ago and it had a blown LF door speaker. This had to be addressed, so I removed the door panel and weighed my options. I had the 6" Dyna's and they would have been a drop in replacement. I also had the 8"ers, too. Lucky for me these doors excepted them lovingly. The car came with a double DIN Kenwood radio which isn't to bad, so that'll work fine for now. 
   The time has come for awesome sound to be completed. Last weekend I removed the passenger seat and rear seat/panels to get the ball rolling. I ran the power wire. This weekend marked the last day for the weak ass rear speakers. Now another set of 8's reside back there. Next up is the possibility of BG neo8's in the kick panels.



  • Jealous.  Hope to get rolling here soon.
  • Definitely! I hope they work for you as well as they have for me.
  • Today I started on the amp mount. The spare has to be moved over, so a new bracket will be fabbed. I was able to utilize some factory mounting studs for the brackets that mount the amp board. The amp I've had since 1997. It's a Soundstream Rubicon 604. I striped it and powder coated it white, all my cars have been white. I then designed the layout for the controls/terminals and had some stickers made up. I also dyed the white nylon terminal guides, these are red to match the white/red theme.

  • Beautiful amp!!
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  • Love the old SS amps!
  • Old iron rules!  If you risk a hernia when you pick it up it must be good.
  • Definitely! I wish their stuff was still worth a shit. Looks mostly Chinese junk now. Anyway, she's a keeper, oh and I got the date wrong, I bought it in 99. Twenty years ago.....damn time flies.
  • I still have my SoundStream D100 II amps and PPI ProMos series amps.  Bought the SoundStream in 1992 and the PPI around 1995!  They've been installed in 4 different cars.
  • Still have my Soundstream Reference 12 from back in 95. Even have an ol PPI Art series A100 laying around.
  • I still have my pair of Soundstream EXACT10s, bought them in 99/00.
  • Wired it up this weekend, this is preliminary as I plan to incorporate a MiniDSP. For now the rears are serving subwoofer duty. The fronts are running fullrange. The Dyna's in the doors roll off ok, it has little shitty factory tweeters in the triangle by the side mirror. So better than the radio's amplification, little better sound quality, but still lacking in the overall awesomeness that will eventually be achieved.

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