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So I bought a house, and need another...

...bit of gear. 
I am a believer in Accessories4less, so I went shopping for a new (to me) AVR for a second system. I grabbed their last Denon AVR-X3400H. It has full 7.2 analog outputs, although I only plan on running 2 channel in my new (to me) living room. 

I bought an Emo from BK last fall, that will serve as the amp, speaks will be the Taiga. I will be building something else for my new (to me) high end basement system.

My vintage Philips lcd, a Roku, Sony BD player, and htpc will round it out. 

Yes, I'm awake at 5:00AM, got a lot of shit on my mind.
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  • Go to bed! Ha! Some day I hope to find me a nice Emo amp. Nice problem to have....needing more systems....😉
  • Nice choice of AVR. I have the 3500H that I use in my main system (for pre-outs to power amps for the mains and sub). I like it a lot, though I've never used it's fancy Audyssey or anything.

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  • I have not heard of "" so and to research it , then I saw crestron on their website as being supported, I knew it must be good . The former employer peddled the crestron stuff for home and commercial installs . Im curious if you implement the ai function of the receiver and how 
  • JasonP said:
    Nice choice of AVR. I have the 3500H that I use in my main system (for pre-outs to power amps for the mains and sub). I like it a lot, though I've never used it's fancy Audyssey or anything.

    Pretty sure I remember you mentioning you liked that one. This is of course the previous years model, but is still pretty modern on most features. Not too big of a deal, as I plan never to go past two channel 1080P in any event. 
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  • Love Accessories4Less also!  Got a Marantz AVR that serves me well. Thinking about putting together a dedicated old-school stereo setup for critical listening. Emo amp is a dream, although the new Purifi stuff looks great.
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  • Yeah, I've been a fan for awhile. Never owned Denon before, so I'm curious. 

    Final walkthrough today, closing tomorrow.
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  • From what Mike/Chuck have told me, it seems Emo front-end gear can give up the ghost early, for no apparent reason. Rory's Stealth is doing fine, and it's a Gen1. The amps appear to be rather robust in the long-term.
  • Well good thing Emo front end stuff isn't something most of us talk about.
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  • I have goodies for your fams garage , should enlighten you 

  • Getting there, moving sucks ass. Got about 1/3 my liquor moved - so got that going for me.
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  • Happy for you but I feal your pain. I still find stuff from over 5 years ago that has not been unpacked.
  • Congrats JR.   I dread the day we move...
  • First casualty... Dammit.
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  • I feel your pain. We are moving to TX and had to get rid of most of our stuff. 
    So I'll need avr, speakers, TV and all the furniture. 
    Fun times. 
  • Ouch!

    We should have got rid of a lot more than we did when we moved 1.5yrs ago. Among other things that we just didn't need to begin with, we brought a nice big couch 1000kms but it really doesn't fit our new space properly, the chaise lounge is on the wrong side.
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  • The more you drink, the less you have to pack!  B)
  • You never realize how much crap you collect over the years till ya move. I filled a 10yard dumpster and still had 2 moving truck loads of stuff from my garage. Granted it was a 2.5 car plus a 2nd level, 2 car size. All those little scraps and pieces and parts really add up.
    Total bummer for your truck! Happen moving something past it? 😢
  • Progress:

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  • Hope to be making sawdust by end of March.
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  • Indeed.
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  • Starting to look like home...
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  • Speaker spikes are a dangerous foe.
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  • Shawn and I have called them impalers for just such a reason. It's surprising he has not yet met his untimely demise due to said incidents. ;)
  • edited March 2020
    Double ouch!!  Tiaga speakers look and sound good, though!

  • PWRRYDJasonPS7910Turn2brek81squamishdrocR-Carpenterdynamo
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  • Some day I will make it to a meet and bring you something to go on that shelf that you don't have. 
  • We would love to see you up north sometime!
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  • So I fell down a few stairs today, resulting in a detached patellar tendon. I'm down for the foreseeable future, dammit. Lot of pain. Cool bling, though.

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