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Carl and Stuart build

I have this posted on tech talk, but I thought that this might bring a smile to those who haven't seen it, or at least have some of you shaking your head and asking WHY?


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    I used to answer the "why" questions, now I just do what I do. You do great work, sir. Innovative aesthetics and your design chops are just fine as well. Keep it up.
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  • Where do you get the inspiration for your innovative aesthetic designs? 
  • Buck the normal!!! HAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!!
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    My voicing may not be to everyones liking, but I like to think that the integration is always good.
    As for inspiration, I just see things around me and use them.  These obviously came from the cartoon, and the americana's were modeled from a popcorn machine.  I like to use interesting shapes that will be a challenge for me to build.  I understand that rectangles are the most convient to build, but I like building different shapes.  That being said I have an old school 3 way 12 inch monkey coffin drawn up, so never say never.
  • So, are you involved in an artistic, designer, or creative advertising type of employment?  If not, maybe you have another calling ... just saying.      
  • I'm pretty sure Nick's an electrician. A smarter career choice - the electricians & plumbers I've met make more money than most of us mid-level, mid-market creatives!
  • Yessir he is. We had a fun chat in Ankeny when the grid went black.
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  • Ah yes, the Ankeny black out-good times!  Yeah I'm an electrician, I went to college for electronics, but this pays better.  I have always been a builder, bikes, cars, speakers, know.....stuff.
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