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Sparkles Everywhere

Drats, right in the middle of shooting some metalflake and the Harbor Freight air compressor decides to lay down.


  • I saw sparkles everywhere when I tried to lift that Theil 12 inch sub.

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • That sub is a beast.
    Compressor back up. The thing has metal reed valves to control the flow of air. Ordered an extra set when the last ones broke. Back to making more sparkles and the stuff has already made it into the house.

  • Don- 'seeing stars' is not something that has happened to me often, but would you also say it looks like flecks of aluminum burning out? is that your impression as well? There is no way to quantify it by perspective or perception as no one else has described their 'stars' to me. I'm just curious...

    KB- sorry for the hijack, and those are looking great!

  • Thread hijack! Seeing stars is an energetic condition involved with excess energy in your system. For instance, you pick up something very heavy, and bend down to put it on the floor. When you straighten up, you might see stars. Sparkly things floating near you in your field of vision. Something similar happened to me several times during Aikido practice, when my field was influenced by many people around me with excess energy. This is explained by the (maligned) Wilhelm Reich and his concept of "orgone"

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • I was understanding that it was brought on by high blood pressure spikes as the result of said exerted energy.
    That has been my experience anyway, as I do not have high blood pressure.

    The standing up quickly after bending down is a sudden loss of blood pressure where you feel faint and sometimes can faint. For those with high blood pressure, bending over and standing up does not cause a faint feeling as the BP is always high.

  • Orgon ... ok, that was something new.

  • Sounds like a good name for the project?

  • Been naming them after the dogs; Sadie, Crash, and Shy. Orgon sounds better than Shy. What ya' think Don? Orgon?

  • YES! and on down the line, culling from cheesy B&W 50s sci-fi.
    Mergon, Rargon, Zargon......

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Getting there. One more coat of translucent blue. Could have gone heavier on the stain but playing it safe; 1/2 tsp. to ~3/4 quart of clear gloss lacquer.

  • edited July 16

    And I'm stopping here. Really thought the base black would darken the final color more than it did. A touch of black mixed in with the blue might have been a bit more to my liking but inside, they look black. Meh, if they wind up being too light blue inside the house, another coat tinted with a touch of black should fix it. This is one of the few projects that has worked out better than expected.
    My hands are blue and my body sparkles. Going to look good for that job interview tomorrow.

  • Cool. Gives me some ideas for my space alien donuts.

  • It's incredibly difficult to take good pictures of sparkly finishes. You might try several light sources, or even a low light pic.

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • @4thtry said:
    Cool. Gives me some ideas for my space alien donuts.

    I'm told you can get those at Eats, Sit and Gulp

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • edited July 17

    Agreed Don. It looks gloss black inside until the light hits it in a certain way then the dark blue and sparkles pop. Usually I put a ton of work into projects and they turn out ho-hum but I'm McLuvin how this one turned out ... unless I screw something up with the final clearing/sanding/buffing.
    @4thtry If it gives you some ideas, metal flake and color shifting pearl here

  • Looking good. I'll have to give them an undercoat of fluorescent green. Then when I turn the lights out for a listening session, the donuts will glow and sparkle in the dark!!! :3

  • Maybe I missed it, but are the grooves going to get felt?

  • So far felt appears to do the best but have some of that super sized plush yarn and will probably try some wool or whatever else fits snugly in there. With barren grooves I think it sounds like poop.

    @ugly_woofer said:
    Maybe I missed it, but are the grooves going to get felt?

  • Well, give me time and I'll screw it up. Let the 'candy' dry for a week before sanding. Needed to get this project out of the way because the Saturday to do list is way long. Sprayed first thing this morning and bam, blush out the wazoo. Should have known not to spray in this heat before the air gets a chance to dry.

    How do I get it out or can I?

  • What is it? And what happened to your Wazoo?

  • It's moisture trapped in the lacquer from drying too fast. Early this morning humidity was over 80% and no breeze. Never gave it a thought before spraying.
    Some woodworking sites said to spray a little thinner over the area to soften the lacquer and release the moisture. That made it much worse. Guess more sanding is in my future.
    What is a wazoo? Well, in this case, my cornhole.

  • Did it crack or bubble? And oh that Wazoo. 😂

  • The clear turns milky white unless you try to remove it with more thinner, then it turns completely white. Sanded a little of it off and it looks to be mostly in the last coat with maybe a touch on the coat under that. Not sure how well it will show in these pics.

  • Behans has a blush remover you can add to a light thinned out top coat. You can also buy slow acting lacquer thinner. I also make sure my air compressor and tank is cool. Tough to spray in this humidity without additives.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Looks like I may have to order blush remover and slower thinner online as I've been having zero luck sourcing either locally. Pros and cons of living in a small rural community.

  • if you get a cool low humidity day might try a thin light coat to see if you can slow the dry time.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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