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Welcome aboard and introduce yourselves.

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We welcome all new members. Take a moment, look around and introduce yourselves. Share your projects (or your most recent cooking accomplishment) and have a good time with us.

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  • I guess I will kick this off.
    I have been building speakers for only about 5 years or so. Started off building a few established designs and just recently, within the last year or so, working on my own. Currently finishing up a 2-way with a Seas U16RCY/P and SB26STCN.
    Next up I am making a small 3-way with Dayton ES180TiA, Morel CAM 558 and Fountek NeoCd1.0.
    Currently live in SW Idaho, so a bit of a trek for me to attend all of the events I see posted, but could definitely use a second set of ears to check my work, so maybe I can find my way to attend an event or two.
    I have attached of a few of my builds and my in progress 2-way.



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  • @Jakes_dad, there are a couple other builders in Idaho you may be able to touch base with.
    Todd England, he's come to a few events over here driving in by car.
    I'm sure you guys would get along...

  • Nice work! Welcome🤘🏼

  • Yeah, make the drive to Iowa - it is worth it. Sometimes we even have a sausage fire at 5AM!

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  • @jr@mac said:
    Yeah, make the drive to Iowa - it is worth it. Sometimes we even have a sausage fire at 5AM!

    That's about a 20 hour drive for me, so I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon.

    I really want to attend, maybe I could fly in. Depends on the date. Halloween is pretty big at our house, we usually have our Halloween party around that time.

  • @6thplanet said:
    Nice work! Welcome🤘🏼

    Thank you!

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    the 'bot is great

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