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New project: The MAC Attacks!

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I know I know... I'm really lame at naming my speaker projects but I feel this one is actually not terrible =)

These will be fairly large stand mount MTM's using a pair of MAC-06 woofers (hense the name) and Beastmode tweeters. I say fairly large because these guys are going to be 10.5" wide x 22" tall x 12.5 deep (~ 30 Liters).

Absolutely perfect weather here today so I was able to rough cut the 3/4" PB sides/tops/bottoms/backs and the 1-1/8" thick PB stair tread baffles:

The ports are 3" ID CPVC tubes. More to come.



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    great looking day (it’s snowing here)

  • song that just popped into my head after reading the title of your post.

  • Looking forward to your impressions on our 6.5". I did that little tower and the bass quality on them is, IMHO, insane for the price.

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  • Supposed to be another nice day here today and we don't have any plans so maybe I can get a little baffle machining done (driver rebates).

  • Didn't even touch this project yesterday... weather was too nice so my son and I decided to go fishing!

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    But I did have some free time today. I got all of the driver rebates and through holes done. They turned out perfect!

  • For a guy who says he doesn't like building speaker cabinets, you sure build a lot of them and do it well. ;)

  • Keeps me out of trouble :p

  • I can totally relate to that

  • Do it man!!

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  • I made a good bit of progress today. I'm at the point where I can install all the damping, wire up and install the drivers to the 4 pole SpeakOn's, and take my typical barage of measurements.

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    Scratch that... I still need to bore the holes for the SpeakOn's.

  • Holes are bored... made some more progress:

    I think these babies are going to look really sexy when they are painted navy blue(ish). Looking forward to hearing them at full tilt!

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  • Symmetry, We didn't invent it, we have not perfected it, and we wonder if it is worth pursuing, I say yes to the pursuing.

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    Sometimes work has its fringe benefits. We received a job recently that the customer didn't want back in the original packaging. I saw our packers just throwing it away. Needless to say I saved over 30 sheets of this 1" thick 12" x 18" open cell foam from the landfill =)

    It's really nice open cell foam. A bit denser and softer than some other 1" foam I've used. I'm probably set for a little while.

  • Definitely a perk! I score foam and that denim stuff all the time. As well as all kinds of towels and shirts to use as rags in the garage. Will definitely miss those bonuses.

  • Changing jobs?

  • Bose gave us the boot. They sold off the shipping receiving and repair. DHL took over s/r and a company out of California/Mexico will be doing repair.
    Tentative of July

  • @6thplanet said:
    Bose gave us the boot. They sold off the shipping receiving and repair. DHL took over s/r and a company out of California/Mexico will be doing repair.
    Tentative of July

    Sorry to hear that, brother.

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  • Oh no! That's terrible!

  • Yup, unfortunate, such is life.
    I'm currently trying to get on at Eminence, if that doesn't work out, I'll go into medical repair.

  • Want to move to Grand Rapids? ;)

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    Thanks but wife's a Florida girl, barely tolerates Louisville😛
    (I tend to agree)

  • There are beaches on Lake Michigan, in case that helps....

  • Really nice beaches actually on the South and West sides of the lake. We had an awesome family vacation in Grand Haven one summer. Soft white sand, clean warm water. Who would've thought? Another vacation "pleasant surprise" was Okoboji Iowa.

  • Maybe we should start a vacation "spots" thread so not to clutter up this project build thread too much?

  • Ready for measurements:

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  • They look great!

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  • I was able to take my measurements before the kids got home from school today. They are dead nuts the same from speaker A to speaker B (FR's and distortion). That's always a good sign, meaning all drivers are working within spec. Being this is an MTM design it will most likely end up with LR4 crossover slopes which look totally doable anywhere between 1.5 kHz and 2 kHz. Off axis shows a bit of peeking due to diffraction where one would expect. That is pretty easy to address in the xo. IMO these drivers deserve better than a P-core inductor ;)

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