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I would eventually like to implement an "our tribe" subforum, or something similarly titled but for now I will begin.

Most of you know me as JR or Johnny, I live in Sioux Falls, SD, married with one teenager and a variety of hobbies.
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  • kennyk from yonkers,ny(boarders the north of NYC), married with 2 offspring, active in diy-ny, competed in iron driver, been to 3 Midwest events and love cheap simple designs.
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • Mike Jennens from Bismarck, ND. Originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area. Married, two adult kids, three grandkids. Haven't designed anything, but I've built a handful of designs by others. I like single driver, full range configurations and multi-driver configs.
    I'm not a speaker designer, BUTT I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...
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    Chuck Morris. Married for 20 yrs, 3 kids. I have a wide range of interests but 2 real hobbies, diy speakers and martial arts. I've attended many diy events and will for many years to come. Live in Laporte, IN.
  • Craig Salin, married with two kids. Live in Rockford IL. Main interests/hobbies are DIY speakers and tube amps, and drag racing my Mustang. I'm a Sagittarius and my favorite color is blue...
  • Mike B from Long Island. Married and will soon be the father of Irish twins. Used to be an avid drag racer, but that slowed down when I started breaking too many things and speaker design took over. I also enjoy weight lifting and some cross fit. Also active in NY-DIY.
  • Mike Contreras from Aurora IL. I've built a bunch of "proven designs" so far but am going to start learning to design here very shortly. My hobbies are woodworking, pc building/gaming, motocross and paintball. I've been to quite a few diy events the past 3 or so years.

    I'm glad this forum was made. PETT was starting to turn to a shit show rather quickly. Every thread is disagreements and arguing or someone on their soapbox demanding you do as they did. Then the owner of PE jumps in and calls his customers a bunch of high school girls. With an attitude like that I'll spend my money elsewhere. I just want to keep in touch with friends and maintain that friendship between the diy's while learning in the process. So big thank you to those involved with making this forum.
  • Hi, I am Ani, originally from India, living in Minneapolis for 5 years. Married for 10 years and have an 8 month baby girl. I try to attend as many DIY event as I can within driving distance. Have built a few proven designs and a few collaboration design with help from you awesome guys!

    I like to travel and especially driving vacations and enjoy the outdoors whatever season and weather.
  • ani you deserve an award for the number of miles you travel for events!
  • Joey Butler, medic firefighter, married, 3 yr old, passionate about whatever I'm doing, always ten projects deep. WHAZZZZUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  • Welcome Joey! Glad you are here.
  • Thanks bruh! Glad to be here!
  • Matt Vach from La Crosse, WI. I try to get to as many events each year as I can. I've built a few designs by others and have done some of my own. My other hobbies include model railroading and the WWII tabletop wargame Flames of War.
  • Welcome Matt. And Joey and I have known each other via internet since the early days of Elemental Designs. Dude is just as crazy now as he was then
  • I left out my name, kenneth kennelty. :3
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • Bryan Keane, AKA Bkeane1259 from PETT. One drunken night I bought the domain "" Then about a year later JR and I started to kick things into gear - like true Irishmen. Then Jason came along and we really started to add some serious functionality to the web site. Me personally- I'm a Chicago guy (my whole life in the guts of the city): been building all sorts of crappy speakers since I was in 7th grade (1980). Just now realizing that I'm not much of a designer, but more of an advocate for DIY and a genuine lover of music. That being said, I'm honored to be working with JR and JP and hoping that we ramp this site up to something that can be a genuine resource for the DIY Audio guys out there.
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  • I'm Herb. I am an acoustics & noise control consultant out of Massachusetts. I occasionally calibrate and sell microphones. I have a best buddy and goddaughter in Sioux Falls so I travel out that way 1-3 times per year.
  • Hey Herb! Next time you get to Sioux Falls, look me up!
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  • Hong Nguyen, or hongrn, the original boat person from the VN war, the registered nut from PETT. 61 years young, married to Vickie for 22 years, 2 daughters, 1 in college, 1 still in high school, so still working my ass off with no end in sight. Loves to build speakers and amplifiers. Secondary hobby is photography. I live in Orange County, CA.
  • Jim Holtz here. I've been building other peoples designs and have partnered with Curt Campbell creating a number of designs oincluding the Statements series, Finalists and Anthology's. Curt is the brain of our collaboration, I come up with the sometimes crazy ideas.

    I'm glad to see we have an alternative to PE. Good job guys!

  • Chris Bryant From Lennox, SD here. Recently married as in yesterday. . I am a wanna be designer and have a love for chasing the white whale of perfect sound. I'm into car audio, home theater, vinyl and digital formats, tube and solid state amps, amazing speakers and anything in between.
  • Marty from Wisconsin (Go Bucky!) Have a handful of designs and have only built one set that I didn't design. I'm generally good for 1-2 projects a year and am working on my second 3-way design in the past 10 months right now.
  • Ah jeez! We had to let the packer fan in????? haha, welcome Marty!

    And whole I'm at it, welcome Chris and Jim too!
  • Thank you! I appreciate the invitation to join the group. :)
  • I thought Grumpy Roemer designed your xos Marty???

    Welcome to the forum BTW.
  • Ah jeez! We had to let the packer fan in????? haha, welcome Marty!

    And whole I'm at it, welcome Chris and Jim too!

    geez *while
  • Good to see all of you here!
    I have a signature.
  • Hi guys. Rich S. from Ankeny, Iowa. I think I've adopted the mantra that if I take on enough hobbies, I'll find one where I'm competent. Bicycles, DIY audio, birding and photography eat up all my free time and resources these days.

    Thanks for the invite. I'm so relieved to have found the cool guy bar. Just now getting oriented.
  • Thomas Hembry, I have been playing around with speakers from a young age(10-11ish). I have managed to reproduce one beautiful 4 year old daughter. I live just outside of St Louis in Washington, MO. Just bought a home and looking forward to getting back into the hobby/habit.
  • I'll get to my introduction later, but I want to pop in and say its great to see all you guys here. Man. I think we have a stellar community of great guys in DIY audio, and we just need the right place to let that thrive. I can only hope that this place is that one. One that doesn't restrict or stifle the participants, but instead encourages the sense of community that many of us have found in this hobby. Looking forward to see what comes of this!
    = Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."
  • PWRRYD said:
    I thought Grumpy Roemer designed your xos Marty???

    Welcome to the forum BTW.

    Chris does all of my driver measurements and suggests crossovers when he sends me the driver files.  From there on I take 'em and bake 'em.  On the Stormtroopers i changed a few things that may or may not have improved them.  On the new ones I'm pretty much flying solo. 
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