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Iowa 2019 Dates

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So we are looking at some possible dates for Iowa. Please respond to this poll and let us know your availability/interest!

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Iowa 2019
  1. I can make this Iowa 2019 date:18 votes
    1. October 18, 19
    2. October 25, 26
    3. Either of the above
    4. None of the above


  • Poll has a bug.
  • Works here, I think. Shoot me a PM and let me know what didn't happen.
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    Not sure that the submit button is working w/ Chrome.
  • Will this be in Ankeny or Grinnell?
  • i can make it to either - poll is not registering the vote in chrome - still showing only 3 votes
  • Will this be in Ankeny or Grinnell?
    Hopefully Ankeny again.  That was a nice hotel with a nice venue.  Definitely worth the extra 40 minute drive for me.
  • Don't know if it matters in Ankeny but ISU has a home FB game Oct. 26th.

  • Fixed the poll, for some reason "members" could vote, but "veterans" could not (permission issue). Let me know if it still isn't working!
    = Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."
  • Gonna shoot for Ankeny again. We got a lot of positive feedback about the venue, so Ankeny it is.....well we won't know for sure until we book the hotel, so cast your vote.
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  • It was brought to my attention the second weekend posted involves an important football game, Ankeny serves as overflow hotel capacity etc for that. 

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  • Seems like a good idea for us to avoid the kids' football game and have it on Oct. 18, 19.  Either way though...  I can't wait for DIY Iowa!  It is hands down the crown jewel of DIY speaker building events.
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    Ya know I never followed College sports even when I was attending Loyola like a million years ago. Yes, if you’re wondering, Sister Jean was there at Loyola when I was, although I was on the way out and she was a
    relative newbie.

    Anyway, it would most likely behoove us to avoid aforementioned large sporting event, but please vote anyway.  I’m a little shocked that there aren’t many more votes.  
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  • Early on the votes weren't getting counted.

  • Ron_E said:
    Early on the votes weren't getting counted.

    15 votes? 

    Am am I reading the poll wrong?

    Thought there’d be more input but 18/19 looks to be the weekend.  

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  • Are we a lock for the weekend of the 18th?
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  • Works for me!
  • OK the date!!

    October 18/19 - Best Western Premier, Ankeny

    2502 SE Tones Dr., Ankeny, IA 50021

    Like all things in life we pay for, the rates at the hotel have gone up. I'm getting an initial 15 room bloc for $125/night + tax. These rooms can be booked directly with the hotel at 515-965-5678 and no prepayment or deposit is required and you can cancel the reservation up to 24-hours before check-in.

    Note: There are slightly better rates online and of course there are cheaper hotels in the area. if you book through a third party online most likely you will have to prepay and you won't be able to cancel the reservation.

    We will have use of the same meeting room for both days/nights.

    Details on website, schedule, sponsors, etc., to follow.

    IT'S ON!!! Get excited!! Have a great weekend!

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  • Room is booked. See you there. I may leave early Thursday afternoon and stay at the Diamond Jo's casino just South of Albert Lea - I want to visit Clear Lake, check out the Surf Ballroom and the crash site. I wanted to go on my vacation, but it was hotter'n hell and a bit of a hike to the crash site so I pushed it back to October. 
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  • My room is booked too!  Hopefully bringing two projects to demo.  And bringing LOTS of drivers to sell... cheap.
  • I'm booked.
  • Mrs. JR is attending this year, so behave.
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  • Hah, that's a good one JR.   Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?     =)
  • I'm beyond reproach, Ed - I don't know what you are referring to...
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  •  I'll be commuting.  :)
  • Still waiting to hear when our oldest will be "graduating" from his initial Air Force flight training. We know it'll be in late Oct, but have not heard which weekend yet.
  • Well I am very excited and humbled at the same time that MAC’s own @jr@mac has covered the meeting room for IOWA DIY. 

    Ive never been good at articulating thanks online. But I’m pretty sure JR knows that. One thing I do understand is his commitment to DIY Audio. It’s unwavering. 

    Thanks DIY brother. Very much looking forward to the event and very much looking forward to seeing you and Mrs JR again. Thank you. 

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  • Ron_E said:
     I'll be commuting.  :)
    If I can make it this year, I'll be walking.
  • I'm assembling my swap meet stuff in my mind. I'm going to bring some nice stuff, and some fun stuff. 
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  • On that note I might bring the pickup instead.
  • Will there be provisions for spring clip terminals or will I need to bring an adapter for nanners?
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