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8" 3-way coming soon

This build will be using the Dayton DSA 8" woofer, that new HiVi 3" dome, and the GRS/Fountek knockoff round faceplate ribbon tweeter.

The woofer models pretty well in 1 cubic foot, tuned to 40Hz. Models done at 20W and 0.5ohm added series resistance. F3/6/10 of 39/34/30.

In this alignment, it does not exceed advertised Xmax until 29Hz, comfortably below most music content. Anechoic SPL at 20W of 100db.

This would be 94db after full baffle step losses. A typical 85db listening level requires just a couple of watts and cone excursion is under control well in to infrasonic territory. This should be a cranker build.

The dome is new to DIY so performance remains to be seen. It isn't exactly cheap, however.

I am going to poke the bear a bit - this will be named "O'Ryan" in honor of my Irish heritage and as a play on words with PE pulling their naming stunt on their 3-way kit.

Anyways, this marks 3 active projects which is enough for the year. I am targeting all sawdust done by end of March and then the process of developing three different crossovers.

This one will definitely be at Iowa along with that SB/Hiq build.

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