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edited July 2018 in DIY

Apologies for not reaching out sooner.

Due to workload and some other stuff that has been going on, I have not been able to get any momentum on arranging this years DakotaDIY event.

I have the venue secured, but have not done much else. In order for this to go off, I will need a cooperative event from many people. 

I do not plan on bringing much, if any, equipment this year - so first and foremost we will need a front end consisting of some type of digital playback device, pre-amp, amp, and cables. If I can get a commitment from someone to arrange for a front end, we will go through with the event. 

It will necessarily be pretty low key, minimal door prizes etc. I think we need one of those types of events once in awhile, anyways. I will definitely help host and manage during the event proper - but I have a lot of Saturdays on the horizon this next few months due to some extraordinary circumstances at work. 

I'll post a few updates to this thread as we progress. Keep in mind I have not even had time to build anything new in over a year - not sure I will be able to cobble anything together in the next couple months.

Another option is to move it to August or even September - that will work for me personally as I expect work to level off by that time. 

So bounce some ideas in this thread, and I will lock plans down by end of week. 
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  • I have emotiva amps and preamp. No DAC tho. Just collecting dust at the moment anyway.
  • I'm fine with a low-key get together in June. Actually, I'd like the short reprieve from my own extraordinary circumstances at work.

    As another option for amplification, I could bring either a Nikko integrated amp or a Hitachi SR903, cables, and a 3.5mm to stereo RCA cable to use a laptop as a source (seems there are usually a few of those floating around).
  • I do not expect a lot of people, so feel free to bring a lot of designs with you :)
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  • i am hoping to get one design ready.... but will see what i can drag along!
  • I'll bring a few things - nothing too exciting though. Will anyone have a measurement rig with them? I'd like to see if mine agrees with someone elses.
  • I can possibly do that, laptop and APA100 based.
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  • Thanks JR!
  • JR, would you also have your T/S rig setup? I have a pair of Subs that DATS refuses to measure...! Also would be good to check out your measurement rig
  • Ill bring that as well.
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  • who is coming, who's staying and what the general  plan? I would there Friday evening around 6 or 7....
  • Ill be putzing around the venue Friday afternoon, I am not getting a room anywhere particular - not sure who else is coming. 
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  • If I get out the door early, I should be there mid-afternoon on Friday. 
  • I should also be there mid-afternoon on Friday.
  • I'm not able to come this year. Retiring and have a lot of boxes to check off the next few weeks. Sorry, will miss you all.
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • Happy Retirement! Hopefully catch you at IOWA?
  • kennyk said:
    I'm not able to come this year. Retiring and have a lot of boxes to check off the next few weeks. Sorry, will miss you all.
    +1   Best of luck; I remember the experience.  When I retired, they even made me fill out and sign a form to verify that I filled out and signed all the other forms.  Hope to see you in Iowa.
  •  Plan to arrive Friday somewhere in the 3-8pm range, depending on when I leave home.  Will be bringing two 24" pine speaker stands, two backup 13ft long 14ga OFC speaker cables with dual banana's on each end, two 15ft long 14ga 3 conductor power strips for extra plug in options, and my matrix speakers.  Should be fun.  :)    
  • Happy Retirement Kenny! Hope to see you at IOWA.
  • kennyk said:
    I'm not able to come this year. Retiring and have a lot of boxes to check off the next few weeks. Sorry, will miss you all.
    You suck Kenny K!  I have at least another 18 years of working until my youngest is out of college.  Just kidding buddy, hope you transition well.
  • Was hoping to get an early start today, but looks like that's not going to happen. But I will make it there tomorrow morning. What time do we start tomorrow?
  • 8 or 9 will work.

    The venue will not be released to me until 5:00 PM.

    Feel free to text (preferred - be sure to include your name or forum handle as part of the message) me at 605-940-9651.
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  • I made it to town. Love that little stretch of 80mph zone! I’ll check at the hotel and then head over to the venue. 
  • Hope everyone has a super time. 
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • Yep me too Kenny.  Sure wish I could have made it this year.  You guys have a great time.  See you all in Iowa.
  • Just got the Mr.Schmitts done , sorry I missed the get together tonight. I will see everyone in the morning 
  • Who all is there today?  Any pictures yet?
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  • kennykjhollanderTurn2Nicholas_234thtryGowa
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