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  • Drink pulque, get astral.

  • Another from this town.

  • Responsible day drinking. It is... Barely OK.

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  • I had a Lagunitas Little Sumpin last night at a wedding reception. It was pretty good but not worth the $6!

  • From my corner of the world, left to right is a local apple gin from Forbidden Spirits in Kelowna, BC. In the middle is a real nice award winning copper pot distilled gin from Noteworthy in Oliver, BC. This is the high strength release, packs a punch at 57%. Then a very nice Rye whiskey from Odd Society in Vancouver.

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  • Vacation day drinking!

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  • @jr@mac said:

    Vacation day drinking!

    It’s always 4:00 somewhere ! especially during VayK


  • Some local beer.

  • Anyone distills?
    I planted 7 apple trees and thinking apple wine, cider and apple brandy in a year or two.

  • A year or two?!?!

    What are you fertilizing those trees with?

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    Young trees. A little nitrate starter and basically good soil. We have a composter as well.

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    I planted some dwarf plums (started about 5ft) and I think it took 3 years.. 1st year to recover from planting shock and just get some energy back. 2nd year to begin packing on some wood to support fruit. 3rd year was a pretty small yield.

    I also planted some cornelian dogwoods. I think they fruited on the 2nd year, only started out as 2ft twigs and are slow growers so they were still tiny. The fruit stays pretty small though so not like it's trying to pop out apple size stuff.

    My mother planted cherries and I think it took 9 years. 8 years of nothing, then all of the sudden went nuts. Seemed like 2-3x more cherries than leaves.


  • Not bad at all.

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  • @jr@mac said:
    Not bad at all.

    Mirror Universe is good too!

  • An event in a glass! Probably only have it once a year.. when I just need a good sock to the mouth for some reason.

  • @DrewsBrews said:
    An event in a glass! Probably only have it once a year.. when I just need a good sock to the mouth for some reason.

    It's been years since I've seen that!

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  • What's your favorite beer to boil brats in?

  • I use plain old Lite.

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  • Any cheap light pilsner

  • Natty lite for brats

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  • Lager is mwaaa too

  • What a waste of perfectly good beer . . .

  • Not a beer drinker, but out of curiosity and the fact I had a Trooper beer left in the fridge, I tried the beer boiled brat thing with it. First off, to me, all the beers I've sampled throughout my life taste fucking horrible. But, boiling brats in it actually kinda works.

    The method I'm using is you fill a pot with onions, red/green bell peppers, and garlic. For 4/5 brats I use two cups of beef broth and one beer, bring to a boil. First sear the brats, next chuck them in the boil. Then they stay in there till the liquid reduces down to a gravy consistency. Serve on a pretzel bun, which for me is bun, onion/pepper gravy, brat, spicy brown mustard.

    Now it's just finding the right beer. The Trooper beer is especially horrid tasting straight and in this recipe. Next I tried Guinness, which was miles better, and good, but still not fantastic. Then I tried Newcastle, again was acceptable, but surely there's better. I'm convinced light beers aren't the way to go with this method, so I think I'm leaning towards darker types.

    Has anyone else tried this method before?

  • Boiling imo is generally a waste of time. Unless you are marinating overnight it’s not adding much flavor. Several people I know claim starting cold and bringing to a boil helps render some fat so you can brown them faster with less chance of splitting.

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  • I always preferred drinking beer while the brats were on the grill! I never thought that brats tasted that much better done in beer, prior to the grill, to justify the extra time and effort, especially once the brats are covered in condiments. Glenn.

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    Been over 6 weeks and that is too long. So time to do something with these..

    Bottled the cider. I used some "bottle drops" for carbination. Basically pure sugar hard candies you drop in each bottle to supply enough sugar to the remaining yeast floating around to carbonate the bottle. Easier than trying to calculate how much sugar is needed for an odd size batch. Got ten 12oz bottles from the ~1gallon.

    The mead cleared up nicely besides the jostling I did getting it out of the basement up to the kitchen. I just transferred it to another gallon glass container to age some more and get it off "the lees" (the yeast cake at the bottom). The yeast can start to die off and give off flavors if it sits too long.

    Ugh, it seems like same amount of work as a 5 gallon batch. I'd rather just spend the exra $ on ingredients to get the extra volume of product. At least then it isn't too precious to share.

  • Drink carbonator?

  • @Kornbread said:
    Drink carbonator?

    That would probably work well for small batches like these instead of waiting 2 weeks for the yeast to do it.
    Technically you lose out on a bit of an abv boost the extra sugar gives, but that could be a positive or negative depending on your viewpoint.

    Though, for me that is just extra equipment and expense that I don't have room for.

  • Beer and old old audio.

  • @hifiside said:
    Beer and old old audio.


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