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InDIYana 2021

I started a poll on PETT, looking for the interest/feedback for this years event. Usually, Ben would have had this nailed down by now. Of course, with the current situation that just hasn't been possible. I have set preliminary dates and have a suitable location. It will be a farther drive for some, closer for others. For anyone flying in, it is closer to Chicago airports.



  • Count me in!

  • If possible, I'll be there.

  • I'll try.

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  • The PE TT forum seems to have been messed up due to the upgrade - it's not loading for me...

  • edited January 15

    @ani_101 said:
    The PE TT forum seems to have been messed up due to the upgrade - it's not loading for me...

    No big loss. But let's keep this thread on track.

  • Loading fine for me...

    Looking fwd to another event! Been too long!

  • well i can't see any details, since the reference given is to PE TT...

    But I hope to make it there, with what I am not sure, as I have been out of the maker workshop for over a year now...

  • ok, it opened on my phone... (???), voted, would prefer as late as possible, but would like to attend.

  • I'd certainly like to attend, still one theme and one non-theme pair for me.

  • April, May, or June will work for me. I plan to attend with one theme pair and possibly (50-50) one non-theme pair. Hopefully the situation will improve by the time this event rolls around.

  • I'm fine with April, May or June. Only need to know which one in time to get vacation submitted. Really looking forward to another event! Going through withdrawls!

  • I'm interested in attending, still two non-theme for me.

  • Alright, Dates are set for May 14, 15 in Laporte, IN at the Quality Inn and Suites. Best to call them direct if you are staying there. Just tell them you are with the "speaker builders".
    Hotel info here:

  • I have done extensive traveling since early December to the tune of a total of a little over 4 weeks away from home. I have a small travel coming up in early March (granted, that is only 90 minutes away but will be an overnight to support a home show), and another 4 day travel planned in early April - that one is in Nashville. I am bringing Mrs. JR to both of these.

    Long story, not sure I will be making this trip in May. I have some time to think about it for now, so don't rule me out. As usual with my fly-ins, I would likely not present a design.

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  • I have yet to meet your Mrs. JR.

  • She's pretty remarkable.

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  • We are back on for Laporte. What's everyone bringing? Probably brining the mini LX521s and the C-Cake with a new x-o

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • John , do you have any info you can share on the C-Cake ? I dont recall seeing this build?

  • Drivers are the Dayton ND25, Dayton AMT3-4, and the Dayton RS180P-4
    Box is 20 liters with F3 of 40 Hz.
    AMT3-4 is time aligned with the RS180P. Crossover is at 2,500 Hz.
    The deflector is 4 inches, which (IIRC) I sized to reflect down to 3,000 Hz.
    The AMT and ND25 work as dual tweeters. With the ND25 about 10 dB down from the AMT
    All the edges and reflections make for the lumpiest of responses. After MWAF this took a month of tweaking to get something balanced.

    Bill's picture

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • John,
    Do you have measurements you can share (C-Cake)? it would be interesting to see how the tw and amt work on and off axis- thx

  • Short answer is they don't work together. I might have some bits and pieces but nothing great. Biggest issue is vertical off axis. On axis the ND25 has no padding and is 10-15 dB down, and reversed polarity from the heavily padded AMT (full BSC).

    I'm kind of curious how they sound at another venue. I haven't listened to them in 6 months.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • edited April 12

    thx, the inverse 'cone waveguide' (?) is an interesting concept, not quite the Walsh set-up but 360 radiating pattern- thinking open baffle opportunity / use?

  • Not open baffle but omni design. Reflectors are prevalent in omni designs. If I was to do this again I'd make a larger straight sided reflector. Pretty easy to swap this one out if I get motivated that way.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Thanks for the reply and info Jon. They remind of some Mark & Daniel stuff. Your implementation of a dome tweeter makes more sense to me than their top mounted AMT they use with a deflector, IE radiation pattern.

  • I am looking forward to attending also. Here is a preview of my current prototype, it is an open baffle dipole up to around 2 KHz. It still needs a new baffle and a little polishing. And of course, a twin for the right channel.

    The drivers consist of an Eminence Alpha8 mid-woofer and an Eminence ASD1001 high freq horn driver with a first order crossover.

    This would have been last years entry. These drivers worked very well in a large enclosure, but I was just not able to successfully translate them into something portable. These had two Visaton WS-17 woofers and a TW6 cone tweeter.

  • I wish dates would have been different for this meet. I'll be at Mid-Ohio watching cars zip around the track that weekend. Hope to see you all at another event soon!

  • As much as I'd love to attend, I can't justify it in this world we live in. I'm on vacc shot one, and I'll get the second in middle May. I figure for me things will hopefully resume in the fall. I'll have to live vicariously through you all!

    = Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."
  • My cake towers have developed a buzz. Anyone have a RS180P-4 they want to loan or sell? I'm happy to buy your pair as well.

    PE looks out other than an open box. I'm calling them in the morning.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Only a few more days gents.

  • I should be there around noon central time (not sure what time zone La Porte is in). Can't wait to finally see some of my speaker friends again.

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