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Borrow or trade



  • @jr@mac said:
    So, after reading through this thread I discussed some options with JP and BK. We are going to allow editing forever for members with "veteran" status on the subforums in the Classifieds. For those not to "Veteran" status, I will have no problem editing a post on request after a sale, trade, or loan has been made.

    We do appreciate the initiative in setting up the spreadsheet - and I would argue that is a better option long-term and we will be looking into a spreadsheet style plug-in for the future.

    Short term, should not be any issues editing your classified posts, guys.

    Well this fixes the whole issue I had to begin with, so should we discontinue the current spreadsheet? I haven't fully explored the pros/cons of the spreadsheet vs just being able to edit posts indefinitely, so I don't really have an opinion on the matter.

  • Hmmm... Still having problems. I see the "add sheet" option (plus sign at the bottom), but nothing happens when I click on it.

  • Ed, yup it's locked down again. Could be one sheet needs to be open not sure

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  • @jhollander said:
    Ed, yup it's locked down again. Could be one sheet needs to be open not sure

    At one point Ken was able to add a sheet, but I had neither of the other sheets locked at that time. I've added more blank sheets and they're currently unnamed and unlocked if someone wants to try to claim one and lock it down. Even if we don't end up using it for this particular thing, I could see this being useful for us somehow. I might even catalog my inductors at some point for prototyping trades.

  • That works. I can edit the open sheets and add a sheet

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  • As I mentioned, a spreadsheet based interactive page might be something we do anyways - so if people want to continue using the Google Doc, we could potentially just import that data at a future date. It can also be shared with people outside of our forum, so that is a plus.

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  • I have added some items. All are new in the (open) box. I can measure with DATS if you would like.
    Can the link to the google doc go to the first post to make it easier to find?

  • Dan, sent you a PM.

  • Hey guys, I am in the process of evaluating my inventory. I need to move some stuff. Some of it will be yours for the cost of shipping, or I could be convinced to hold on to it until October for IowaDIY. Some of it I may ask for a little extra. I already have one box full of drivers that another member has put a claim on, so these are additional to those.

    I'll take some time today or tomorrow to pull actual numbers and attempt to get a full list together. it is time to focus on designing my reference towers for my basement, and move on to the type of stuff I used to enjoy tremendously (budget shit).

    With that being said, the reference towers will utilize a pair of CF cone Rival 8" per side, sealed for ~55Hz extension, and Viawave ribbon tweeter. Mid still to be determined, but I may have someone design a large waveguide for the Viawave and moot the midrange question. Bottom octaves will be covered by a quad of 10" "Scan-Speak" subwoofers (Ariel buyouts from PE), so yeah. Should be pretty epic. I plan on designing in-room.

    So I will have some:
    Wavecor tweeters
    Beston ribbons
    Vifa/Peerless/Tymphany tweeters
    MCM 55-3669 midbass - these will hurt to let go, but I have like eight of them and will never ever use them, so they need to go to more prolific builders. It is a crime that Newark killed these off. Punch WAY above their price class. Way, way above.
    Some Dynavox stuff, some other odds and ends.

    My goal is to get to a smaller inventory of budget drivers and start building those types of designs again. I have two more ultra high end monitors to build using some CF Rival 5" drivers and Viawave tweeters (yes I have a lot of those tweeters) to install at the wifes desk and in our home bar, and the tower system. The only other actual build I have scheduled is a smallish, stand mounted 8" 3-way using HiVi cast frame drivers and a Vifa tweeter. These are to be gifted to my daughter when her and her boyfriend figure out how to move in together.

    Anyways, I'll take some time this weekend to gather things and hopefully get these out to people interested in using, in some cases, rare or unique or surprisingly good performing drivers they might not otherwise have the opportunity to use. I want to get back to my roots, and those roots are extracting performance out of cheap shit that ends up surprising people.

    I'll update by end of day tomorrow.

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  • I'm looking for any of the chambered TW030WA 05-08 or 11, 12

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  • John, I have a pair of BNIB TW030WA08.

  • Either the WA 05 or 08 would work with the low FS for a future MTM project. I drop you guys a PM Sunday to see if we can do a deal.

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  • IIRC, they are four pairs of tw030wa05 sitting on the shelf. Beefy looking things. I need to start building something with them.

  • I have TW030WA01 30. Little faceplate guys.

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  • I call dibs on four of those MCM 55-3669's :)

  • @PWRRYD said:
    I call dibs on four of those MCM 55-3669's :)

    Okie dokie

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  • JR, I am interested in the big beston ribbons (if they are on the chop list), will also buy the TB Sandwich cones and the PHL 15 inchers, if they are still around.

    I too need to put together a list....

  • Just thought I'd throw my hat into the ring if you ever discover you can't afford to store a pair of those Viawave tweeters! B)

    But Chahly - Stahkist don't want speakers that look good, Stahkist wants speakers that sound good!
  • Sorry, I did not get around to inventorying on Sunday.

    The big Beston and the various Viawave will not be going out :) I have a pair of the 4" square Beston going out, though. The TB sammich cone are already gone, found a local buyer for those.

    I do have some interesting stuff nonetheless, like a pair of 6.5" Chinese car audio drivers with cast frame, aluminum cone, and decent T/S parameters:

    I really like these, and do not want to let them go but I really won't do anything with them but enjoy their looks.

    I also have a couple other Chinese drivers that are interesting, one pair in 4 ohm and another pair in 8 ohm:

    I have a pair of SB engineering samples I purchased from Rory a couple years ago. These are the standard SB motor/frame but have an additional shorting ring/extended pole piece in the form of a phase plug. Very low Qts so not quite the bass pumps the standard 6" SB are. Those will be tough to get rid of, as well - but they gotta go.

    I am tying this as I sit at my work PC so this is all going off of memory.

    Oh - with the pending release of the new "MMAG" Dayton Epique I may well trade my 8" CF Rival for four of the 7" versions of those drivers... I said "may". I will wait and see if Dayton optimized for bass extension or not before doing so. If they will do an honest 40Hz strong, they will be an acceptable (and space saving) substitute for the Rival and maintain the appearance I am shooting for. I never liked the concave cone of the original Epique woofers. I always think "Epicac" when I see those, drivers, though. It was the title of a short story by Vonnegut, about a super computer that evolved highly human emotions, fell in love, and committed suicide because said love was unrequited. Fascinating stuff from Vonnegut.

    Anyways, the Human PRO001 pair will be going out. Another awesome pair of drivers that I will just not get around to using.

    Stay tuned as I work through pricing etc.

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  • Some Dynavox woofers and tweeters are also going to be available. Some little Lavoce wide band drivers.

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  • OK, after my workout this afternoon I plan on taking a bunch of pictures and putting together a list.

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  • Hopefully pics of speakers, not you after the workout😛

  • Ha!

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  • Soo... Yeah, about it other than three Dayton 4" coaxial drivers. They may be mixed generation, though. First gen had issues with vc venting or something. I don't know how to check.

    Also, my museum in my utility room:

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  • Realistic...

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  • For Real...istic

  • All you really need to add is the AllSpark...

    I have my share of RatShack gear too. 2" dome mids, 15", 8"poly, 8" DVC gen 1 and 3, more...

  • Dude! Your selection of Realistic stuff takes me back. Going to Radio Shack with my dad and eye fucking every speaker on the shelf! 😂 .....then I got my first porn mag (Parts Express catalog)

  • Yeah, I spent quite a few years scouring Ebay to assemble that collection. Still missing a few - the 12" poly woofer, the 15" poly woofer, the Japan made Foster 4" full range, the dual cone 5-1/4", and a very obscure and rare dome tweeter from the late 70's. There are plenty of other Realistic/Radio Shack drivers I do not have in the collection, but those are the only ones I am still thinking of acquiring for my collection. I have vague plans of building a proper display, as well. I have no intention of collecting the Optimus brand, unless I decide to add a little car audio to the pile. They had a very nice line of automotive subwoofers in the mid-90's.

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