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Dakota DIY 2024: June 7-8

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June 7-8 in Sioux Falls, SD.

Venue address:

5101 S Nevada Ave Unit 150, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

This is the AARP state office, the building has a nice big room for us to use. This is my wife's employer - well technically she works for corporate (her position is based in D.C.) now, but keeps an office in the building. Anyways, lots of comfortable chairs for us to use. I'll get a count on chairs and may have to find more. Not sure yet.

Two hotels very close to the venue, and multiples just a few more minutes away. This is a smaller venue, so I'll probably cap attendance around 30 people.

Friday night plans are to have an informal get together at my place, I'll smoke a pork shoulder and some baked beans. Maybe carve up some local melons if they are in season, and of course adult beverages and music. Plenty of on-street parking at my place, and the garage, living room, basement, bar, utility room, and the Nerdery all have systems we can play speakers on. May be able to set up an additional listening space in the office. Mrs. JR and I will be staying home Friday night and probably the Hilton on Saturday night. I will call Hilton and Staybridge to see if I can get a rate. Where her and I stay will be dependent on the outcome of that phone call.

Home address:

7609 W. Wilson Drive, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

We are only a few minutes from the venue and the hotel clusters.

There is a bad ass liquor store in striking range of the venue, called Williquors. It is the largest liquor store most of us will likely ever see lol.

Aways from our area is downtown Sioux Falls which has been renovated like a sumbitch in the last ten years. Lots of bars, restaurants, and other things to do. Very walkable.

This is my birthday weekend, so a celebration Saturday night at our favorite watering hole is likely to occur. I will talk to management there and see if I can block off a large table for all of us starting around 6PM. They have decent food and it is inexpensive to get your drink on.

We have excellent Uber and Lyft services in the area so I encourage using them since we also have excellent police service in the area. A DD or two are also welcome.

Anyways, the rules are similar to IowaDIY although I intend this to be more laidback as DDIY is known for that atmosphere. Speakers, music, camaraderie is the name of the game.

I will update this thread as things evolve.

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  • Sounds great. Have already blocked off the date. See you all in summer!

  • I'm doing inventory in my head of what we will need - I have that pair of HD 24" stands for larger speakers but would like to have 28-32" stands for the smaller guys. Worst case I can whip up a DIY pair.

    I have the Oppo I will bring as a preamp, and an Emotiva amp for power. A backup amp is always welcome, however. That will NOT be the Dreadnaught lol.

    I have cables covered (12awg speaker with really nice nanners - Craig, if you come out remember your adapters), RCA from preamp to amp, power, etc.

    I do not know how many chairs are in the venue - the ones in there are office chair types so will be very much more comfy than typical event venues.

    Tables are also included.

    I might buy a box of snacks and some pop - beer is technically not allowed but if we do our due diligence and clean up after ourselves we can imbibe. I don't plan on doing too much, however - it is the night I will be celebrating my birthday so will definitely get my game on Saturday night.

    We can show up whenever, depending on attendance I would like to start around 9:00AM. I plan on being there by 8:00AM to get going on setup, as always any help is welcome.

    Currently I plan on bringing Iaell and Enelae. If we do not have an overabundance of designs present, I may bring a third as well. Possibly O'Ryan but they are comfortable at home in the basement. Likely bring an as-yet to be conceived of bookshelf speaker. I have plenty of nice drivers sitting around I can use to whip something up. MTM with Dynavox 5-1/4" and a Viawave perhaps?

    Plan on finishing up around 5PM, teardown and put room back together by 6:00PM and off to the Liebrary after that. Wife and I will be staying in whatever proves to be the popular hotel so an afterparty is a possibility. We'll see what happens.

    Menu for Friday night is slowly being firmed up. It will be based around a smoked pork shoulder and possibly a couple racks of spare ribs - see how many people commit to hanging out at my place. Bringing side dishes is encouraged as all I plan on serving up are BBQ baked beans and possibly some local melon if they are in season. Bring speakers if you want - plenty of places here to rotate stuff in.

    Anyways, still have momentum on this at the moment - the sooner I finish the planning stage the sooner I can hit execution stage and get busy building speakers.

    Hope to see you there!

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  • Oh, and bring music on CD. I may have a portable burner to plug in to my laptop, too. I'll whip up a demo disc, and of course if you need a demo we can definitely work something out.

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  • You can also upload your demo to a cloud service and I can burn from there.

    Playback SPL will be set with my Extech meter if I can find it, by ear otherwise.

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  • edited January 17

    Spent some time and did a demo. Might as well share it here. Subject to change.!AlHuPRQmBiX2h-gJ1YPgPRmjVHVStg?e=LI5BVL

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  • Good news, found my Extech so we can set levels.

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    Download a zip file containing house track, house track with pink noise (not SPL matched, but doesn't matter we just calibrate at the event), individual samples, and the Audacity project and project files. Not sure the Audacity part will work with just any version but thought I'd give it a try.!AlHuPRQmBiX2h-kqD4yCNPFqpVV3Qg?e=ylTygU

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  • 33 office chairs for sitting.

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  • Hi Amanda!

  • Hi shooting star

  • The missus and I will be staying in a suite at Staybridge - which is close to the venue. I do not think they have regular rooms, but there is a Hilton Garden Inn in the same neighborhood. There are a lot of hotels not that far, as well.

    Venue address:

    5101 S Nevada Ave Unit 150, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

    Staybridge address:

    4210 W 59th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

    Hilton Garden Inn address:

    5300 S Grand Cir, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

    Mrs. JR is going to do some legwork calling both hotels to see if we can get a rate.

    On the other side of the interstate from us are three more hotels. It is about a five minute drive depending on traffic so not bad at all.

    If you plan on attending, I recommend booking sooner than later, though. Sioux Falls fills up in summer months with people stopping on their way to Mt. Rushmore.

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  • Plenty of restaurants in the immediate area as well as a Casey's. Ill probably get some pizza for lunch Saturday.

    As mentioned, I will be providing dinner at my house Friday night.

    I will open the venue about 7:00AM Saturday to get set up, so any help there would be appreciated.

    Let me know if you are coming so I can get a headcount started.

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  • as stated earlier, I am in. Should make it in by Friday night

    1. London Philharmonic Orchestra - Pavane.wav
    2. The Corrs - Brid Og Ni Mhaille.wav
    3. David Sardy - Gas N' Gulp Ring Scam.wav
    4. Katie Melua - Red Balloons.wav
    5. Nine Inch Nails - Hurt.wav
    6. Steve Earle - Marie.wav
    7. John Fogerty - Rock and Roll Girl.wav
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  • Book your rooms sooner than later. This town fills up in June.

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  • @jr@mac said:
    Book your rooms sooner than later. This town fills up in June.

    Do you have some recommended hotel or group rate? Will look for some nearby

  • There are five hotels in the area, I did make mention of them above.

    No group rates until I get a few more commitments.

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  • Just booked at the Staybridge. I highly recommend getting on top of booking a room, guys.

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  • Little over two months to go...

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  • Hi JR,

    Count me in for attendance and one project. I'm not sure whether Curt will attend yet. I'll make him aware of the dates and he'll let you know his status.

    I'm looking forward to it!


  • Booked a room at the Hilton Garden Inn yesterday. Anybody else staying there?

  • I'll be very close at the Staybridge Saturday night, but staying home Friday night since I am hosting ya'll.

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  • @jr@mac said:
    There are five hotels in the area, I did make mention of them above.

    No group rates until I get a few more commitments.


    Did you ever get a group rate from any of the hotels? Yes, we forgot to get a place to stay. :-(


  • No I did not, none of them were willing to play ball.

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  • Jim, Hilton Garden was $213/night plus taxes.

  • Thanks guys! We travel quite a bit and usually find a Marriott for a little over $100 a night all over the US. Sioux Falls is high test! We'll find something closer to our favored price range. I will definitely be there!


  • Done. We found a Fairfield Inn (Marriott) that came in at a decent price with some of our points from previous stays. Anyway, We'll be there.


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    Hey DIY brethren. Long time no see. I'm gonna miss you guys this year. Holy shit, thought...I remember back in 2014, when @jr@mac arranged a special treat for us. Rolling on 10 years -

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  • That was a solid event that year, no doubt.

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  • Two weeks to go or so.

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