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IOWA 2021

Hello fellow DIY brethren.

Let’s get this party started. I’d like to start with a poll on the best October weekend for the get together. Please keep in mind - Axpona 2021 is Oct 29-31. Not sure how many folks will be attending the ginormous commercial show in Chicago, but if you do, please, please, pick a good Halloween costume.

Please weigh in and for those of you in the know about Iowa college sports and whatnot, please chime in ASAP. It would behoove us all to be in attendance with as little conflict as possible and of course we all want a good group hotel room rate, right??

IOWA 2021
  1. What’s your preferred October weekend?14 votes
    1. Oct 8-9
    2. Oct 15-16
    3. Oct 22-23
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  • I'm getting married on the 9th, I'm not making it this year.

  • From the Ankeny end the 22-23 is problematic. From a personal standpoint I'm vacationing from the 8th thru the 15th, but don't expect any showstoppers on the stage from my end. Nevertheless I'd like to see what you've all accomplished over the last 2 years, so I voted Oct. 15-16.

  • I voted for the 15-16th, as well - but I am open as far as I know.

    I will have a design or two with, but most of the car will be loaded down with stuff to get rid of.

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  • Any date works for me. ISU Homecoming in Ames is the 23rd.


  • I'll have new speaks by then, but not sure I'm up for the drive.

  • Where in Iowa??

  • Ankeny, IA.

  • I am good any weekend...

  • Hi all. Apologies for the delay. I am in negotiations with the Ankeny Best Western for October 15/16.

    Waiting for a contract and confirmation of the cost of the conference room. Availability for that weekend is good, so the dates will indeed be October 15/16.

    More info to follow.

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  • Hi all. October 15/16 is a lock! =)

    We have a room rate of $119.99 plus tax per night. I have not checked if there are cheaper rates for AAA, seniors, etc. Please conduct your own DD.

    There are 15 rooms set aside. Please use the following link to book your room:

    As in prior years we will have use of the meeting room for Friday afternoon/evening and then all day Saturday.

    Many thanks for your patience.

    I'll get an informational web page up in the next few weeks.

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  • Done. I don't fuck around with reservations.

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  • My room is booked! Need to get cracking on my new project. Stoked to see everyone there.

  • @JasonP and I are booked. Very much looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new friends. And by the way, fuck you, Delta variant. Go away so we can have some fun!!

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  • Any chance of getting more/some of that turkey , chicken , something sausage, at this place ?~~

  • I'm booked. Will be great to see everyone again.

  • Just got home from vaca & booked it. See you all in person in just a couple of months!

  • I will bring a box of masks for those of us who might feel more comfortable wearing one. I'll also bring some local beers, a big pile of drivers that I am NOT bringing home, and an older pair of towers. I doubt I will have anything else ready/available by then.

    Wife and I are staying at Diamond Jo's Thursday night, and plan on stopping at Surf Ballroom and Buddy Holly crash site on the way to Ankeny.

    See you guys then!

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  • Booked. Working on a new tower type system with super high end drivers; hope to have ready by then. Look forward to seeing everyone again after such a long time. Bill

  • Not super high end drivers like you must be using Bill, but I hope my latest 3 way (OB mid) project will be ready for Iowa. I'll have my Yellow Jackets ready to demo by Grand Rapids for sure.

  • We are booked. Trying to decide what to bring. Hoping someone was still planning bring some Japanese whiskey :)

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  • Yeah yeah, I heard ya John. It'll be there.

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  • John, do you want me to print up another batch of tent cards and bring them along? Or will you be handling this? If I do it, the cards will be black & white only, because my ink jet printer nozzles clogged up several years ago and I "fixed" it by re-filling all 6 cartidges with inexpensive third-party black ink (using big eco-tank type bottles). It now works good as a black & white only printer, but your full color tent cards always looked much better than mine.

  • Bill, I haven't been asked to bring any to Iowa.

     John H, btw forum has decided I don't get emails
  • OK, I'll print up a batch of 50 and bring them along. I haven't been asked either, but I like it when someone does this because it makes it much easier for me to assign names and drivers to all the speakers later on when I am batch processing the jpegs for Bryan.

  • Your pictures are always much appreciated!!!


    Ok, I asked....

  • Thanks Ani & Craig. Much appreciated. I was thinking that it is probably high time that I pick up a new printer, not just to print the tent cards, but also for alot of the other color printing of charts and graphs that I often need to do. I'm looking at possibly purchasing one of the new Epson Eco-tank series of printers, but I need to get it set up to print in a hard wired USB cable fashion (not wireless or network connection) directly to an old Windows XP machine. Epson only has downloadable drivers and print utility software for Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7. Windows XP is not listed or available. So, my question would be, is there any way that I can set up an old windows XP machine to print directly to the new printer? Or is the only solution to replace my old XP computer, together with all my photoshop and lightroom editing software? Adobe will no longer allow people to buy stand alone software and is forcing everyone into their cloud subscription services. Thanks for any tips or suggestions (sorry for the hi-jack quesion). Bill

  • Can you save the images you edit on your XP machine in a format that you can print from another machine? When I went to Windows 10 my version of Photoshop Elements couldn't be authenticated because Adobe had shut down the servers supporting it 5 years prior. I found a newer version on eBay that wasn't cloud based. Everything works except I lost the ability to scan directly from PE and have to scan with my Epson software and then edit in PE.


  • As far as I know you can't directly upgrade to W7 or beyond from XP.
    So you might be stuck with 2 machines as Ron mentions.

  • Or if you get a fairly powerful new machine, you could clone your old HDD and make it a VM in the new machine.

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