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IOWA 2021

Hello fellow DIY brethren.

Let’s get this party started. I’d like to start with a poll on the best October weekend for the get together. Please keep in mind - Axpona 2021 is Oct 29-31. Not sure how many folks will be attending the ginormous commercial show in Chicago, but if you do, please, please, pick a good Halloween costume.

Please weigh in and for those of you in the know about Iowa college sports and whatnot, please chime in ASAP. It would behoove us all to be in attendance with as little conflict as possible and of course we all want a good group hotel room rate, right??

IOWA 2021
  1. What’s your preferred October weekend?13 votes
    1. Oct 8-9
    2. Oct 15-16
    3. Oct 22-23
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  • I'm getting married on the 9th, I'm not making it this year.

  • From the Ankeny end the 22-23 is problematic. From a personal standpoint I'm vacationing from the 8th thru the 15th, but don't expect any showstoppers on the stage from my end. Nevertheless I'd like to see what you've all accomplished over the last 2 years, so I voted Oct. 15-16.

  • I voted for the 15-16th, as well - but I am open as far as I know.

    I will have a design or two with, but most of the car will be loaded down with stuff to get rid of.

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  • Any date works for me. ISU Homecoming in Ames is the 23rd.


  • I'll have new speaks by then, but not sure I'm up for the drive.

  • Where in Iowa??

  • Ankeny, IA.

  • I am good any weekend...

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